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Best food stalls in Camden Town, London

Ah, Camden Town. Home to all the teenagers, tourists and punks, Camden definitely has a unique aesthetic that everybody seems to love (including me). And we all know the one thing Camden is renowned for; their bomb food stalls.  I mean, really, what’s Camden Market without it’s  small busy food stalls? A market with no lingering smell of delicious takeaway dishes, that’s what. So without further ado, here are a few of my personal favourites!

Image result for magic falafel menu


Made from 100% chickpeas, their falafel are entirely vegan and gluten free.  You can easily pop them in pitta or on salad, so in other words it’s heaven in a takeaway bowl. The five star falafel is made fresh to order, and the staff are as nice as they are quick (and they’re VERY quick with orders). It was around my third time visiting Camden when I decided to check out Magic Falafel with my sister, and I mainly wanted to go because I liked the way their shop sign looked. The line was pretty long so we started to have second thoughts, but the aroma made us want to suck it up and wait. It was finally time for us to order and I got Falafel balls with tahini for £4.5 and my sister ordered a salad box for £5. Let me just tell you now, it was worth the wait. The Falafel balls were delicious, and my sisters salad was fresh and crisp (i had a nibble of it). I unfortunately haven’t gotten the chance to visit there again yet, but i definitely will! Find the details here

2. Camden Juice

Okay, is this actual food? No. But am I still gonna add it to the list? Of course I am. That’s because I feel like Camden Juice is too underrated, and if nobody’s going to give it the credit it deserves, I will. Their freshly squeezed orange juice is so refreshing, and is a healthier alternative to the packaged OJ at big grocery stores that have necessary amounts of extra sugar.  They’re jam packed with vitamin C, and are perfect for a quick gulp on the go. They also come in sizes small to medium, perfect for how thirsty or not you are! Downside is Camden Juice is  pretty hard to find online, since they don’t have a website or social media accounts. Upside is they are on the official Camden website, which you can click on here for, and they have a hashtag on Instagram, #CamdenJuice. Another upside is they’re near the front entrance of the market, and are pretty easy to spot.


3. Bill or Beak

I’m actually quite picky with  the quality of my burgers, so fining Bill or Beak was a pretty big deal. Just picture it in your head; Bill: Slowly braised duck and pork in a Vietnamese dressing, topped with spring onions, coriander, mint and finished off Image result for bill or beak camdenwith tempura shallots in a toasted brioche bun. Beak: Szechuan Fried chicken burger, with Miso mayo, pickled slaw, Green chilli hot sauce, and fermented red chilli hot sauce and topped with peanut crumb in a toasted brioche bun. If that isn’t enough to make you feel hungry, you really must be indestructible. Bill or Beak is definitely the best burger shack around town, with great flavours, super friendly service and the greatest chicken I’ve ever tasted. Costs around £15 for two people, and can also be ordered online! You can access their website by clicking here and their Twitter by clicking here!


4. Makatcha 

Makatcha make their curries with coconut cream, lemon grass, kaffir limes leaves and more. The traditional rendang Image result for makatcha camden marketmade Indonesian style is a crowd favourite, with a 4.6 star rating and 100 star flavours. The thing that i’m most impressed by though is the vegan option. The Vegan Rendang will blow you away, even if you’re a meat lover! They serve the best curry ever, and for £8 I honestly think it’s worth it. The staff are so friendly, and service is speedy. It’s a ten out of ten for me.




5. Oli Baba’s 

Halloumi fries. I repeat, halloumi fries. Okay, so this is a more controversial food stall, because cheese chips isn’t necessarily everyone’s favourite. However, if you’re one in favour for questionable food combos and unique flavours, this halloumi_fries_camden_34.jpgis the right place for you. Oli Baba caused a foodie riot when they launched their deep fried cheese strips in 2015 and since they’ve continued to impress hungry punters everywhere. The Middle Eastern restaurant turned a simple concept of deep fried cheese into a trending fast food meal, and even I’m scratching my head as to how. The fries can come with great toppings that add a kick of flavour, such as pomegranate seeds and yogurt sauce. Honestly speaking, I’m not a sucker for cheese and was hesitant on trying it. It was good, not great, just good, but I must say the toppings really helped. But regardless I’m adding this onto the list because everyone else seemed to love it, and I’m not here to deprive you of halloumi fries that everyone enjoyed. I’m here with an open mind! ( I would still get the falafel though.) Prices are around £6 for one, and you can access their website by clicking here

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Affordable Trendy Food Spots in London For Teenagers!

Everyone loves a trendy restaurant that they can post about on their Snapchat stories. Sadly though, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to find these places, and usually they aren’t as affordable for the average teenager. So, I decided to compile a few of my favourite cool food places in London, that won’t completely break your bank!


Creams cafe has it all. Cool atmosphere, over the top desserts, great tastes and all at reasonable price tag too. Creams is one of the more of a recent cafes, which can definitely be seen by their hip decor. They offer the best crepes, cookie dough’s and milkshakes that all taste as good as they sound! They also have vegan cookie doughImage result for creams cafe oreo waffle# options, as well as gluten free choices, making it suitable for all. It’s a great place to hang out with friends, or celebrate a birthday. I’d only recommend if you have a sweet tooth though. With overdone desserts there’s often a bit more sugar!

Prices: Most desserts are priced around £5-£7

My favourite from there: Oreo Waffle

Click here to see the menu




The best bubble tea flavours are found at Bubbleology! Tropical drinks with a tea, milk or fruit base and chewy tapioca, Image result for bubbleologyserved in a laboratory-styled cafe. The uniqueness and affordability of their drinks is what makes people love it so much. The drinks are vegan, and they have dairy free options, so anyone can sip away.

Prices: Typically £3 to £4

My favourite from there: Mango fruit tea

Click here to see the menu


3. SOFT SERVE SOCIETYImage result for soft serve society craziest icecreams

I used to see their ice creams all over Pinterest and Instagram, and I’d constantly wish it was located in London. But one day I decided to actually do some research and i found out there’s a shop in Bethnal Green! Their outrageous ice creams are all over social media, and look (almost) too good to eat! The aesthetics are amazing and service is great, but another great thing about Soft Serve Society is the actual taste of the ice cream. It’s not too sweet, and has an extremely light and creamy texture! They also serve very instagrammable freak shakes, but i’d only recommend buying one if you haven’t eaten in while, they’re enough to fill you up for an entire day!

Prices: Ice creams are around £5 and freak shakes are £9

My favourite from there: Cloud 9 ice cream

Click here to see the menu



Yes, unsurprisingly the name gets people curious as to what this is. Located in Camden Market and Shepherds Bush Westfield, this quirky cookie dough stall turns a lot of heads, and is a great place for a quick sugar boost. Their safe to Image result for naked dougheat at anytime cookie dough tubs come in addictive flavours and, not to mention, cute colourful cups! It has a vibrant unicorn-loving vibe, and can also be ordered on Deliveroo. Vegan options are available.

Prices: single tub is £4.50

My favourite from there: Salted caramel and honeycomb cookie dough

Click here to see the menu



The first bite is crispy, then the softness inside the bubbles will melt in your mouth…We all love food, especially fresh, homemade bubble wrap waffles.This  memorable street snack was once from a small market stall, and is now a shopImage result for bubble wrap waffleing China Town. They look good and taste great, what’s more to ask for? A tad pricier than the rest on this list, but your tastebuds will thank you for coughing up the money. The place also has a savoury option for people without as much of a sweet tooth, the avocado egg bubble wrap. Wanna be satisfied? Bite into those bubbles!

Price: £7

My favourite from there: Vanilla crunch

Click here to see the menu



These are a few of my favourite trendy spots in London that are suitable for teens and their wallets! If you decide to check any of them out, feel free to let me know your opinions on them. As always, I’m open to any blog recommendations, and with that being said, see you next time!